FTX.US President Raises $5M for Crypto Project Architect

• Former FTX.US president Brett Harrison has raised $5 million in a seed round funding for his new crypto project Architect.
• The platform is a decentralised finance (DeFi) venture and has been in stealth development since last September.
• Investors include Coinbase Ventures, Circle Ventures, SALT Fund, Third King Venture Capital, Motivate Venture Capital and SV Angel, as well as SkyBridge Capital’s Antony Scaramucci.

Brett Harrison, the former president of FTX.US has just announced that his new venture Architect has successfully closed a seed round of $5 million from some of the top venture investors within the crypto space. Investors in the round include Coinbase Ventures, Circle Ventures, SALT Fund, Third King Venture Capital, Motivate Venture Capital and SV Angel, as well as SkyBridge Capital’s Antony Scaramucci.

Architect is a decentralised finance (DeFi) project which has been in stealth development since last September. The platform is looking to streamline the crypto markets with institutional-grade trading technology. According to Harrison, Architect will “build a suite of tools to bridge the gap between traditional financial markets and the crypto markets.”

The platform is being built to create a seamless trading experience for institutional investors, allowing them to easily access the crypto space. It will also enable investors to access the best of both worlds – centralized exchanges and decentralized protocols.

In addition to providing a user-friendly interface and trading tools, Architect will also provide a variety of services such as portfolio management, risk management, and analytics. Additionally, the platform will offer investors a secure and compliant way to invest in digital assets.

Harrison believes that the seed round will help Architect accelerate its development and bring its suite of tools to the market. He stated that “the seed round will enable us to expand our team, develop more features, and bring our institutional grade trading technology to the market.”

With the backing of some of the biggest names in the crypto space, Architect is well-positioned to become a major player in the DeFi space. With its state-of-the-art technology and institutional-grade features, the platform is sure to become the go-to place for institutional investors looking to access the crypto space.

Crypto.com Lays Off 20%, Cronos Token Price Responds Positively

• Crypto.com announced that it is laying off around 20% of its workforce in response to negative economic developments.
• Coinbase and Huobi have also recently announced layoffs in response to the current market conditions.
• The Cronos (CRO) token price has responded positively to the news.

Crypto.com, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, has today announced that it is laying off around 20% of its workforce due to negative economic developments. The announcement comes just days after Coinbase and Huobi also revealed plans to lay off a significant chunk of their employees in response to the current market conditions.

Kris Marszalek, the co-founder and CEO of Crypto.com, said that the decision to reduce the workforce was a difficult one. In a statement, he said: „Today we made the difficult decision to reduce our global workforce by approximately 20%.“ He further added: „We grew ambitiously at the start of 2022, building on our incredible momentum and aligning with the trajectory of the broader industry. That trajectory changed rapidly with a confluence of negative economic developments.“

Crypto.com has around 3500 to 4500 employees, and the 20% layoffs would affect about 700 to 900 employees. It is estimated that the company has around 400 employees in its US offices, and the majority of the layoffs would be in the US.

The news of the layoffs has been met with mixed reactions from the crypto community. Although some are sympathetic to the company’s decision, others have criticized the firm for not being able to handle the current market conditions.

Despite the layoffs, the Cronos (CRO) token price has responded positively to the news. The token has been one of the few cryptocurrencies that have seen a steady increase in the past few days.

The layoffs come as a reminder that the crypto market is still volatile and unpredictable. However, it is also a sign that crypto firms are learning to manage their resources better in order to survive in the long run.

Ethereum Classic Bullish Trend Re-Ignited, But Resistance at $20 Remains

• Ethereum Classic (ETC/USD) has been experiencing a bull interest in the last two days, up 18% in the week.
• The gains pushed the cryptocurrency above a crucial descending trendline that has contained ETC for a while.
• Despite the gains, Ethereum Classic still faces bear pressure at $19.

Ethereum Classic (ETC/USD) has been in the spotlight lately, with the cryptocurrency gaining 18% in the week. On January 04, 2023, the gains pushed Ethereum Classic above a crucial descending trendline that had been containing it for a while. This reignited hopes of increased miner activity on the Ethereum Classic network, as the hash rate began to improve from 97.5975 TH/s on December 27 to 111.7497 TH/s on December 30, according to CoinWarz data.

The Ethereum Classic network had initially experienced a boost in price when Ethereum shifted to the Proof of Stake protocol, as Ethereum Classic is a Proof of Work protocol. However, the speculations soon faded and the price of ETC began to crash. Now with the renewed miner activity and increased ETC transactions, buyers are hopeful that the gains will continue.

Despite the boost in price, Ethereum Classic still faces bear pressure at $19. This is because the cryptocurrency market is still influenced by the overall market sentiment and the broader cryptocurrency market is still bearish. Additionally, the cryptocurrency will need to break above the $20 resistance in order for the bullish trend to continue. If it fails to break above the resistance, the bulls may start to lose momentum and the bear pressure may increase.

Overall, while Ethereum Classic is showing signs of growth, buyers need to exercise caution at the current price level. The cryptocurrency will need to break above the $20 resistance in order for the bullish trend to continue. Until then, the gains may be limited and the bear pressure may increase.

XRP Bulls Remain Hopeful Despite Uncertainty Around SEC Case

• XRP has held the same price for the last three weeks and has recovered quickly after a brief dip to $0.30.
• Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse is optimistic about the future of crypto in 2023 and believes it is time for regulatory clarity on the matter.
• Bulls remain hopeful for XRP in 2023, however, the outcome of the SEC’s case against Ripple is uncertain.

XRP remains relatively stagnant for the past three weeks, with the price hovering around $0.33. The cryptocurrency has been tied to the macro sentiment and the case between Ripple and the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Despite a brief dip to $0.30 on January 2, bulls recovered quickly and the upside has since been limited.

As the crypto community awaits news from the SEC’s case against Ripple, many are optimistic about 2023 for the crypto industry. Ripple’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse shared his thoughts on the matter on Twitter, saying that the US stands a chance to make a breakthrough this year if regulators provide clarity on the definition of „security“ in the digital asset sector.

Garlinghouse remains cautiously optimistic about 2023, as the outcome of Ripple’s case with the SEC is still uncertain. However, many in the crypto community remain hopeful that the price of XRP will rise this year. Bulls have been quick to recover after the dip to $0.30, suggesting that the crypto market is still interested in XRP.

XRP has been linked to the sentiment of the crypto industry and the case between Ripple and the SEC. As the case continues to unfold, the outcome remains unclear. But, with the macro situation slowly improving, many are hopeful that 2023 will be a good year for the crypto industry. Bulls remain interested in XRP and, depending on the outcome of the SEC’s case, the price could see a substantial increase in the coming months.

Crypto Market Remains Volatile As TRX, HT, & VIDT Prices Dip

• Cryptocurrencies remained on edge in the first week of 2023.
• Tron, VIDT, and Huobi Token will likely dive during the weekend.
• TRX price crashed hard as concerns of its exposure to Huobi continued.

The start of the new year has been a rollercoaster for the cryptocurrency market. After a bullish run in late 2020 and early 2021, the market has been in consolidation phase. Bitcoin attempted a break-up of the $17,000 level but was unable to sustain the gains and is now trading around $16,400. Ethereum is stuck at $1,200, while the total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies remains below $900 billion.

The key sentiment in the market is uncertainty, as investors are wary of the growing hawkish stance of the US Federal Reserve. This has caused investors to take a more cautious approach to cryptocurrencies, leading to sideways trading.

This has also had an effect on certain coins, with Tron (TRX), Huobi Token (HT), and VIDT all seeing their prices dip during the week. TRX has been particularly hard hit, with the coin dropping to its lowest level since November 23rd. This is due to concerns of its exposure to Huobi, with investors worried that the exchange could go out of business. This has caused the TRX price to dip below all its moving averages, while oscillators like the MACD and the Relative Strength Index (RSI) have also drifted downwards. This suggests that the outlook for TRX during the weekend is bearish, with the next key support level to watch being at $0.04.

HT has also seen its price drop, but not as steeply as TRX. This is due to the fact that HT is a much more stable coin, and is likely to remain so. Nevertheless, the coin is still susceptible to the overall crypto market sentiment and could see a drop if the market continues to be bearish.

VIDT has also been hit hard by the market downturn, with the coin dropping by nearly 10% over the course of the week. The coin is still relatively new, and has yet to prove itself in the market. As such, it is vulnerable to any market downturns and could see further losses if the market continues to be bearish.

The coming weekend could be a decisive one for the cryptocurrency market. If the market remains bearish, then Tron, Huobi Token, and VIDT could all see further losses. On the other hand, if the market manages to remain stable or even rebound, then these coins could also see gains. As such, it is important to keep an eye on the market and be prepared for any sudden changes.

Cómo usar Bitcoin Capital

Convertirse en un usuario de Bitcoin Capital comienza con la creación de una cuenta en la plataforma. Algo que notamos mientras compilábamos esta reseña de Bitcoin Capital es que los nuevos usuarios reciben un modesto bono de registro de 10 USDT para que puedan entender mejor cómo funcionan las cosas.

Después de crear tu cuenta, puedes depositar fondos en ella mediante una transferencia de cripto o fiat (si aún no tienes cripto). La plataforma listará todas las opciones de inversión disponibles y los porcentajes de retorno asociados. A continuación, puedes elegir si quieres invertir todo en un solo activo o repartir los fondos entre varios productos.

Los retiros, ya sea en efectivo o en cripto, pueden hacerse en cualquier momento. Los fondos suelen procesarse en 24 horas.

¿Cuáles son los requisitos de la cuenta?

El registro requiere tener al menos 18 años de edad e implica proporcionar algunos datos personales. Ten en cuenta que necesitarás algo más que escribir tu dirección de correo electrónico y tu contraseña. Todas las cuentas de Bitcoin Capital pasan por un proceso de verificación para confirmar la identidad de los usuarios y la procedencia de los fondos. El proceso es estándar para todas las bolsas de criptomonedas fiables, así que no hay nada de qué preocuparse.

A los usuarios de Bitcoin Capital se les pide un documento para verificar su identidad y su dirección. Los documentos que sirven para verificar su identidad son las licencias de conducir, los documentos de identidad emitidos por el gobierno o los pasaportes, la verificación de la dirección también se puede hacer a través de una factura de servicios públicos, un extracto bancario o un documento emitido por el gobierno que muestre su dirección actual.

¿Cómo empezar a operar?

Una vez completado el proceso de verificación, es el momento de empezar a operar. Puedes hacer un depósito transfiriendo una cartera de criptomonedas existente, utilizando una tarjeta de crédito/débito o haciendo una transferencia bancaria.

Una vez que la cuenta haya sido dotada de fondos, sólo tiene que elegir en qué invertir su dinero. Para ayudarte a tomar una mejor decisión, Bitcoin Capital te mostrará el porcentaje de rendimiento esperado junto a cada activo.

¿Con qué se puede operar?

Al ser relativamente nuevo, Bitcoin Capital promete aumentar el número de criptodivisas proporcionalmente a la demanda. Por ahora, sin embargo, puedes elegir entre Bitcoin, Ethereum y una de las tres stablecoins en USD: USDC, DAI y USDT.

¿Qué herramientas están disponibles?

Las herramientas disponibles para los usuarios de Bitcoin Capital son las siguientes:

  • Chat
  • Sección de ayuda y soporte técnico
  • Cartera
  • Recomendación de amigos
  • Modo de privacidad
  • Seguimiento en tiempo real de las ganancias

¿Cómo funciona la plataforma?

Parece que lo que los fundadores de Bitcoin Capital se propusieron hacer, lo hicieron con éxito. Tal y como prometieron, la plataforma es fácil de usar para los usuarios y principiantes y está libre de jerga complicada. Sin embargo, aún está por determinar si esto se hizo a expensas de ciertas características.

Actualmente, las opciones disponibles para los usuarios son

  • Compra y venta de cripto
  • Intercambio de fiat
  • Generación de intereses

Como todavía no hay muchas reseñas de Bitcoin Capital generadas por los clientes, es difícil decir qué tan fluida y efectiva es cada una de ellas.

Opzioni di deposito e prelievo a Bitcoin System

I depositi e i prelievi da e verso un conto di trading o un portafoglio Bitcoin System possono essere effettuati in dollari USA, dollari canadesi, euro e yen giapponesi, così come le criptovalute che possono essere scambiate tramite lo scambio. I depositi e i prelievi possono essere effettuati solo tramite banca o bonifico bancario e non da carte di debito o di credito o portafogli digitali come Paypal o Skrill. Lo scambio dice che la ragione di questa limitazione è che la natura quasi istantanea e praticamente irreversibile delle transazioni di criptovalute significa che il rischio di transazioni fraudolente è troppo alto per lo scambio di offrire attualmente questi metodi di deposito e ritiro.

Fonte: https://www.frau-margarete.de/it/bitcoin-system-truffa/

Commissioni e spese

Le commissioni e le spese possono essere suddivise in quelle relative all’effettuazione di depositi e prelievi e quelle sostenute nel processo di trading. Le commissioni di deposito e prelievo sono le seguenti:

  • Opzioni di deposito e commissioni
  • Deposito EUR SEPA (gratuito) – solo paesi SEE
  • Deposito bancario USD ($5 USD) – solo USA
  • Deposito bancario EUR (€10) – solo fuori dagli USA
  • Deposito bancario USD ($10 USD) – solo al di fuori degli USA
  • Deposito bancario in JPY (gratuito, minimo 5.000 ¥) – solo in Giappone
  • Deposito bancario in CAD (gratuito)
  • Opzioni di prelievo e commissioni
  • Prelievo EUR SEPA (€0.09) – solo paesi SEE
  • Prelievo tramite bonifico bancario USD ($5 USD) – solo USA
  • USD Bonifico bancario ($60 USD) – solo fuori dagli USA
  • Prelievo bancario EUR (€60) – solo fuori dagli USA
  • Prelievo bancario JPY (¥20) – solo Giappone
  • Prelievo CAD EFT ($10 CAD di commissione, $25K CAD massimo giornaliero) – solo Canada

Le commissioni di trading sono a livelli, quindi diminuiscono all’aumentare dei volumi di trading e variano anche in base alla coppia di valute trattata e al tipo di trading, cioè standard, basato sul margine, ecc.

Le commissioni di trading di Bitcoin System, così come quelle per effettuare depositi e prelievi, sono generalmente considerate verso l’estremità inferiore della scala quando si tratta di scambiare medie.

Privacy e sicurezza

I livelli di sicurezza su Bitcoin System sono generalmente considerati molto alti. Tuttavia, Bitcoin System richiede livelli più elevati di verifica dell’identità personale dei suoi titolari di conto rispetto ad alcuni altri scambi di criptovalute. Questo è in gran parte legato al fatto che i titolari di conti desiderano essere in grado di effettuare depositi e prelievi in valute fiat così come in criptovalute, dato che Bitcoin System opera volontariamente in linea con gli standard bancari generali a questo proposito.

Ci sono diversi livelli di conti che si basano sul livello di verifica dell’identità personale fornita e i valori massimi di deposito e prelievo sono anche legati a questo a causa di considerazioni sul riciclaggio di denaro. Il conto minimo, Tier 1, richiede agli utenti di fornire il loro nome completo, la data di nascita, il paese di residenza e la verifica del numero di telefono. Questo permette solo depositi e prelievi denominati in criptovaluta con un tetto fissato al valore equivalente di 2500 dollari al giorno o 20.000 dollari al mese.

Tier 3, che permette depositi e prelievi di valuta fiat da cittadini di tutti i paesi, significa fornire un documento d’identità valido rilasciato dal governo e una prova recente di residenza e indirizzo e Tier 4, che è per i commercianti di volume più elevato richiede lo stesso tipo di dossier di documenti che ci si aspetterebbe da una banca dell’istituto finanziario regolamentato.

Top Trader Scott Melker analyseert Ethereum, XRP en Litecoin, voorspelt massale Altcoin Breakout tegen Bitcoin

Cryptostrateeg Scott Melker detailleert zijn huidige vooruitzichten op Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin en XRP.

BTC naar ongeveer 62.000 dollar

Melker zegt dat de dip van BTC naar ongeveer 62.000 dollar nadat Coinbase woensdag op de beurs klapte geen verrassing is.

„Dat is een echt, echt klassieke tekstboekhandel, zoiets. Nu, zoals je weet, wanneer je deze verhandelt, zet je het niet precies op de lijn, je spreidt orders boven, onder, precies op de lijn, zodat je het vangt. Je vult misschien niet een volledige positie, maar je wilt ook niet voorgetrokken worden door walvissen.“

Als Bitcoin om de een of andere reden onder dat $62.000 niveau breekt, zegt Melker dat hij op zoek zou gaan naar een trade rond het $60.000 gebied als een retest. Melker blijft bullish op Crypto Code, al verwacht hij bovenmatige rendementen in de altcoin-markt.

„Bitcoin is het belangrijkste activum ooit gecreëerd. Als ik één ding moest kiezen om vast te houden, zou het BTC zijn. Dat gezegd hebbende, als je een TRADER bent (geen belegger), is de onevenredig grote upside vanaf dit punt waarschijnlijk in altcoins. Het is veel waarschijnlijker dat ze je waanzinnig rijk maken.“

BTC en geen tekenen vertoont van stoppen

Als een primair voorbeeld zegt Melker dat Ethereum stilletjes aan het uitbreken is tegenover BTC en geen tekenen vertoont van stoppen. Hij hoopte een trade uit te voeren in het $2.200 gebied, maar tot nu toe heeft de op een na grootste cryptocurrency niet teruggekeken.

De handelaar voorspelt dat Litecoin (LTC) op korte termijn $347 zal raken. LTC wordt verhandeld op $273,75 op het moment van schrijven, volgens CoinGecko.

Melker is ook bullish op XRP en merkt op dat de rechtszaak van de U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) tegen Ripple nu de prijs van de activa lijkt te stimuleren.

„Het is verbazingwekkend wat er gebeurt als het bedrijf niet verkoopt en die munten uit het aanbod worden gehaald. Je hebt tonnen vraag, FOMO (fear of missing out), en geen grote spelers die er in verkopen. Dus ik denk dat dat de reden is waarom we deze aanhoudende kracht zien en het zou kunnen blijven doorgaan als de FOMO blijft … Voor mij is op dit moment elke dip op XRP waarschijnlijk om te kopen.“

XRP wordt verhandeld op $ 1,77 op het moment van schrijven, bijna een stijging van 92% in de afgelopen zeven dagen, volgens CoinGecko.

Nasdaq-traded Marathon Investerer $ 150 millioner i Bitcoin

Mer institusjonell interesse: Nasdaq-traded Marathon Investerer $ 150 millioner i Bitcoin

NASDAQ-børsnoterte Marathon er det siste offentlige selskapet som adopterer Bitcoin som en reservekapital etter en investering på $ 150 millioner i kryptovalutaen.

Mandag kunngjorde Marathon Patent Group at de kjøpte 4.812,66 BTC, verdt $ 150 millioner dollar, gjennom New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG).

Merrick Okamoto, Marathon’s styreleder og administrerende direktør, bemerket at investeringen vil Bitcoin Revolution hjelpe dem å få fart på prosessen med å gjøre selskapet til et „facto investeringsvalg for enkeltpersoner og institusjoner som søker eksponering mot denne nye aktivaklassen.“

Maraton ivrig etter å investere i Bitcoin

Før nå har Marathon lagt planer om å investere i Bitcoin via gruvedrift, da de sa at de hadde lagt til rette for å kjøpe 103.060 gruverigger, som forventes å være i drift i 1. kvartal 2022.

Hvis det nødvendige utstyret var på plass, ville firmaet ha laget 55 til 60 BTC daglig basert på Bitcoin-nettverkets nåværende vanskelighetsgrad, la administrerende direktør til.

Ikke planlegger å vente lenger ett år til, bestemte firmaet seg for å bruke en del av kontantreserven til å investere i eiendelen.

En bedre langsiktig strategi

Okamoto bemerket at selskapet valgte Bitcoin på grunn av sin langsiktige økonomiske verdi over amerikanske dollar (USD).

„Vi tror også at det å holde en del av Treasury-reservene våre i Bitcoin vil være en bedre langsiktig strategi enn å holde amerikanske dollar, i likhet med andre fremtidsrettede selskaper som MicroStrategy,“ sa konsernsjefen.

Husk at verdensøkonomiene ble herjet av coronavirus (COVID-19). Den økonomiske sammenbruddet resulterte i underprestasjon for flere finansielle instrumenter, inkludert gull.

Til tross for krisen der Bitcoin handlet under $ 4000 i mars 2020, har eiendelen utviklet motstand mot pandemien og har fortsatt å rally.

Som en del av bull bull run, nådde bitcoin en heltidshøyde (ATH) på mer enn $ 41.000, og har mottatt vurdering fra forskjellige finanseksperter, og mange kaller det „det digitale gullet.“

Bitcoins dominans over tradisjonelle eiendeler har utløst massiv institusjonell adopsjon, med MicroStrategy som leder an.

Siden MicroStrategy gjorde sin første Bitcoin-investering i august 2020, har den gått på innkjøp og brakt selskapets totale bitcoinbeholdning til omtrent 70 784 bitcoins ($ 2,447,158,604,80).

Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC), Grayscales lukkede investeringsfond som utelukkende fokuserer på Bitcoin, har også lagt til enorme mengder Bitcoin siden begynnelsen av året.

En av anskaffelsesinnsatsene som kom som et sjokk for mange, var da den amerikanske baserte digitale kapitalforvalteren kjøpte 12 319 BTC innen 24 timer i forrige måned. I skrivende stund har GBTC 20,1 milliarder dollar i forvaltningskapital (AUM).

Polkadot supera a XRP para convertirse en la cuarta

DOT flipa: Polkadot supera a XRP para convertirse en la cuarta mayor cripto-moneda

El Departamento de Transporte está en llamas hoy, mientras sube los gráficos de capitalización de mercado al cuarto lugar.

Ha habido algunos grandes movimientos cuando se reanuda el rally del mercado criptográfico y el símbolo de DOT de Polkadot está entre ellos.

Según las cifras del portal analítico Coingecko, DOT ha cambiado el XRP de Ripple en Profit Secret términos de capitalización de mercado tras una ganancia masiva del 26% en las últimas 24 horas. Esto lo convierte en la cuarta mayor criptodivisa por capitalización de mercado.

La ficha de Polkadot ha pasado de un mínimo intradía de poco menos de 11 dólares a un máximo histórico de 14,80 dólares antes de retroceder ligeramente a 14,45 dólares en el momento de escribir este artículo. El gran movimiento de precios ha empujado su tope de mercado a 13.700 millones de dólares, como informó Coingecko.

XRP, por el contrario, sólo ha logrado una ganancia del 3,7% en las últimas 24 horas, lo que no ha sido suficiente para que la transferencia transfronteriza supere los 0,30 dólares. Su tope de mercado está actualmente justo por debajo de los 13.500 millones de dólares del Departamento de Transporte.

Las estadísticas de la plataforma de Polkadot estiman que tiene un límite de mercado aún más alto de 14.800 millones de dólares usando una cifra de circulación de poco más de mil millones de fichas. Las estadísticas de la criptografía de Messari son muy similares a esto y también muestran que el DOT ha dado la vuelta al XRP con una diferencia de 3.000 millones de dólares en la capitalización del mercado.

El Coinmarketcap de Binance es el único sitio en desacuerdo ya que reporta que la oferta del DOT es un diez por ciento menor.

CMC llegó tarde a la lista de Polkadot, que es un competidor de la Cadena Inteligente de Ethereum y Binance

Polkadot es esencialmente un protocolo de cadena múltiple que tiene un número de „paracaídas“ (llamados fragmentos en el Etéreo) y trabaja con su propia tecnología llamada „Sustrato“, que es un marco de cadena de bloques. La plataforma es totalmente interoperable, permitiendo que otras cadenas de bloque se conecten a la red como una cadena lateral y el protocolo de cadena de bloque tiene la capacidad de procesar miles de transacciones por segundo, lo que lo lleva a ser apodado el último „asesino del Etéreo“.

La actualización más reciente, que puede estar impulsando el impulso, fue el lanzamiento de su red de prueba de paracaídas Rococo que entró en funcionamiento a finales de diciembre. Ahora está ganando más socios según la comunidad Polkadot;

Rococo V1 Actualización: 1:51 pm (UTC) 14 de enero de 2021
4 paracaídas + 19 propuestas

Include:@PhalaNetwork @ZenlinkPro @chainx_org @AcalaNetwork @CrustNetwork @Kiltprotocol @bifrost_finance @polkaBTC @encointer @LaminarProtocol @clover_finance @DarwiniaNetwork #PolkaWarriors #Polkadot pic.twitter.com/1OMPEKbnZJ
– Polka Warriors (@polkawarriors) Enero 14, 2021

Otros factores que impulsan el impulso son las cuestiones relacionadas con el DeFi en el etéreo a medida que se intensifica la demanda de ampliación, junto con una fuerte estructura técnica de mercado.