Universo Mola presented application for sustainable fashion with blockchain technology

With the idea of promoting the development of sustainable fashion in Latin America, Universo Mola, a program of the foundation „Entre Soles y Lunas“ in conjunction with Blockfashion, presented this August 18, 2020, in a live broadcast via Facebook and Youtube Live for all of Latin America and the world, the first sustainable fashion PPP in the region, supported with blockchain technology, to guarantee the consumer safe and reliable consultation, as well as basic traceability of the products included in the platform.

This App responds to the need to unite all of Latin America and connect sustainable fashion production with the fashion-conscious market worldwide. It is a tool that brings the citizen closer to its producers, without intermediaries, which minimizes costs, allows dialogue and raises awareness of the use, making it more humane, practical and efficient, detailed from Mola through its communication.

After its launch, this application will be available for download in the App Store and Google Play. This application will help boost environmentally friendly designers and brands that are working to position themselves in the market. Users will find in this App, a space dedicated to brands where there are already more than 250 products on display.

How the Cool Universe App works

The search of the product that is required, is done in an agile, dynamic and concrete way, since it locates according to mark, product, country or specifications of search. It offers the possibility of feedback, and allows the user to know the processes of traceability, colors and sizes available, thanks to the implementation of blockchain technology.

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Additionally, as explained in the Fashion Unite publication, this application has a section with exclusive news and proposals for events of the organization related to sustainable fashion, also offers the reading of QR codes of labels of the products on the platform, to know their origin and main characteristics.

The MOLA Universe app will use blockchain technology, which provides assurance that product traceability data cannot be modified or deleted, generating confidence in the transparency of information. Another advantage of this application is that, through the use of other disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data, usage data can be known and brands can be informed about consumer development to improve performance and make it easier for users to find better products, as indicated by Fashion Unite in its section.

Sustainable Fashion in Latin America

In the case of Latin America, the sustainable fashion industry is currently growing, seeking to evolve and promote positive social and environmental impact in the region.

Countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, and Uruguay continue to support and promote this type of industry, with a view to sustainability and environmental care.

Two of the best known international platforms on sustainable fashion are ECO Fashion Latam and Slow Fashion Spain. The first promotes this type of fashion in Latin America and the second encourages and advises on the quality that surrounds this world.

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Despite the economic and social crisis the world is going through, which is slowing down the progress and growth of sustainable fashion brands and institutions, Universo Mola, a global fashion platform in Latin America, based on Slow Fashion principles from Uruguay, is pioneering the adoption of blockchain technology in a sustainable fashion app. With this, the movement aims to intervene in the fashion value chain to generate sustainable development alternatives, especially for young people and producing communities, to which they will give back greater welfare and quality of life.